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Virtual online escape room: Alone Together 2 - Together Apart

Alone Together 2: Together Apart

Play with a friend! Can you decipher enigmatic puzzles that require constant communication between you and your teammate to solve? Your escape is dependent on how well you work together to find your way through gadgets and clues to solve the puzzle. Using two separate devices, play with a friend on the couch or even all the way across the globe on the phone or video chat!

This is the sequel to the free puzzle game Alone Together.

New graphics and animations
Twice as long as the first game
New mini games to test your skill

How To Play

  1. Purchase a License Key below. Minimum Price only $5.00 USD

  2. Share the key with your friend and start the game here

  3. Players can be in the same room or even over the phone.

  4. Decide who will be player 1 and who will be player 2.

  5. You will win when both players see the "You escaped" screen. If you escape, make sure you still communicate with the other player so they can finish also.

Pay What You Want! (Min: $5.00 USD) For Two Players

Purchase a License Key for the game

Key valid for 2 players for 24 hours after first use

Together Apart Online Game

from $5.60

secure payments

Feel free to give us a call at 916-674-2008 if you have any issues or concerns

Our escape rooms are open! If you live in the Sacramento area and are looking for something fun to do in a small group, take a look at our real life escape rooms.

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Up for a challenge? The Skull Witch is waiting for you. Can you trespass into her magic filled cabin deep in the bayou and save your friends. You must use the witch's power against her and free more than just your group. You must break the curse that has been cast on the cabin and find a way to escape the room in a way you would have never suspected!


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