Online Escape Rooms and Puzzle Games

Looking for a challenging and cooporative escape room to play online with family and friends? We have built these multiplayer virtual escape rooms for players to enjoy all over the world. Play from your house with your friends accross the couch or in another coountry. Check out our free online virtual escape room Alone Together to get a sample of how our online escape rooms work. Try out the next 3 award winning sequels to that game below. Are visiting Northern California or looking for something fun to do in Sacramento? Book one of our top rated escape rooms today!

Play At Home Escape Room Games

Want to experience the mystery and puzzle solving challenge that escape rooms provide, but cannot make it to our location? Try out one of our escape room kits that can be printed out at home and played online.

Lucky Heist At Home Puzzle Escape Room Adventure

Can You Solve The Puzzle Box and Get The Gold?

You have found a pot of gold! Unfortunately, the Leprechaun that has hidden it has built an elaborate contraption to protect it! Can you solve all the tricky contraptions to open secret compartments. Outwit the leprechaun's puzzles and ultimately open the final vault door and get his gold! Lucky for you, he has left behind some of his possessions that may help you to unravel the many puzzles and riddles he has used to lock away the gold.

Escape Room Online Puzzles and Challenges

Looking for a quick challenge? Check out these fun puzzle games designed to make you ponder and problem solve your way to the solution! Many of these games can be played alone or in small groups. Our real life escape rooms differ a little from these online puzzles. Our escape rooms at our Sacramento location are highly cooporative and require teamwork to solve and ultimately escape. Check out our news section to find clues on how to solve these challenges.

Escape Sacramento Landmarks: Capital Building

Puzzle #10: Can You Solve The Sacramento Capital Building Puzzle?

You are trapped again. This time you notice a table with all kinds of clues that tend to center around California's Capital building. Somewhere on this table lies a hidden contraption that will allow you to escape the room. Can you escape this California Capital based room escape puzzle? In this new series of room escape puzzles, we highlight the many attractions in and around our city of Sacramento. The California State Capital building is one of the prides of Sacramento.

Can You Solve The Hidden Symbol Puzzle

Puzzle #9: Can You Solve The Hidden Symbol Puzzle?

You find yourself in another strange room with another strange contraption. You don't even try the door this time. You know its locked. You also know what you must do. You must solve the interesting puzzle on the top of the box to open it and gain your freedom. This time, you find a pile of pegs that seem to fit into a grid in the puzzle. At first you do not understand what to do with these items. Then, after reading a note conveniently sitting next to the box, you understand what you have to do with the pegs. Can you solve this mysterious puzzle and escape with your life!

Can You Solve The Pentagon Puzzle

Puzzle #8: Can You Solve The Pentagon Puzzle?

You find yourself in trapped in a small locked room. The door is locked and there is no noticable lock. This is not your first rodeo, so you commence your search for a way to open the locked door. You find a weird contraption on the floor under a table. You also notice an old piece of paper on the table that resembles the contraption. It looks like you must line up the numbers like in the diagram. This should not be too hard you think. Then you notice that there are a couple paths blocked by some brackets. Can you solve the puzzle in under 20 moves and escape the room!

Can You Solve The Word Lock Puzzle

Puzzle #7: Can You Solve The Word Lock Puzzle?

You find a way to ditch the poltergeist in the last room and quickly hide in a nearby closet. You think you outsmarted the ghost. Then suddenly you hear the latch on the closet door engage. You try the handle. You are trapped again! You turn on your flashlight and search the small closet and find a weird keypad with letters on it. Another puzzle lock! This one seems to reward people with a good vocabulary. This one should be easy!

Can You Escape The Haunted Study?

Puzzle #6: Escape The Haunted Study

As a paranormal investigator, you have seen your share of ghosts. But poltergeists are a different story. These little tricksters are always a nuisance. You were minding your own business looking for signs of the supernatural in an extremely spooky old mansion when all of the sudden the door slams behind you and locks. You are trapped again! You notice some weird writing on some slats through a hole in the wall. As you move the slats to better read the message, the poltergeist keeps messing with them. When you move one, he moves another. There seems to be a pattern to his antics. Stay one step ahead of him and win your freedom!

Can You Escape The Boiler Room?

Puzzle #5: Escape The Boiler Room

You find yourself in another room with no windows and only one locked door. There seems to be many of those around here! The door must be powered by a nearby control panel. You look at the panel and find a note. It seems the connections are all scrambled. Maybe if you fix all the connections, the door will power up and you can escape!

Can You Solve The Mystery Box?

Puzzle #4: The Puzzle Of The Mystery Box

You are trapped again! This time, you find yourself in a weird study with no windows and only 1 door. The door is locked. There is a small keyhole under the door knob. You need to find the key! You search the room and find a small note that mentions a key. You also discover a box secured to the floor in the corner of the room. You notice a strange combination type contraption built into the top of the box. Maybe the note is the combination!

Can You Escape The Parking Lot?

Puzzle #3: Escape The Parking Lot

You find yourself chained to the top of a parking lot light post. Your hands are bound together by a chain. You find a small keypad on the handcuffs with a 2 digit readout. You need to find the code! There is a note written on your arm. "What is the missing number?" You look down and see a series of numbers but there is a car blocking one of the them. That must be the number you need!

Can You Escape Your Boss's Office?

Puzzle #2: Escape Your Boss's Office

You find yourself locked in your boss's office. The only door in the room is locked and has no visible keyhole. There is a small plate on the door that reads "Door locked when computer system is offline". You look behind you and see a computer sitting on the desk. You look at the screen and see a login prompt. You need the password! You search the room and find a shredded note in the paper shredder. If only you can find the right order for these strips of paper! This may be your ticket out of this crazy room!

Can You Escape The Basement?

Puzzle #1: Escape The Basement

You wake up in the basement of some creepy house! You see that the only door out of the place is locked. Next to the door is a weird keypad. This must open the door! If only you knew the code. You quickly search the room. You find a small crumpled up note in the trash bin in the corner of the room. You open it up to find an unbelievably legible note photoshopped onto the paper. This must be a clue to the keypad! You run over to the pad and peer at the note. You must get out of this awful place!


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