Enchambered Escape Room FAQs

Covid-19 Specific Questions

Are the experiences private?

All our games are PRIVATE bookings only. The only players in the room with you are the players you choose to invite. We have spaced out all our game times to allow a group a fully private experience from check-in, briefing, to gameplay, and check-out.

Are the rooms disinfected?

Employees are given time between games to reset and thoroughly clean all props and hard surfaces with medical-grade disinfectants

Are face masks required?

Customers are NOT required to wear a mask unless mandated by the county to do so.

Do we need to wash our hands?

All players are strongly encouraged to wash their hands before and after each game. Hand sanitizer stations are provided throughout the building for use while in common areas as well as in game rooms.

What is this all about?

Enchambered: Sacramento Escape Room is an escape room experience. You will be locked inside for 60 minutes while you and your team try to figure out how to escape. The room contains clues, hidden doors, and secret items to aid you in your quest. Anything that’s not glued or bolted down can be moved and may be an integral piece in your quest to escape.

Are the escape rooms scary?

All of our themes are different. Like genres of movies, some of our games center around action and intrigue while others feature mystery and suspense. Our Horror genre games are labeled as such with appropriate descriptions of what will be included in the experience. Our games feature various special effects including sudden lighting and sound changes. Some of these effects can startle players.

Are the games private? Will we be mixed with the public?

All of our games are PRIVATE experiences. We have spaced all the game times out to minimize players encountering anyone not in their own group.

Are there actors in the room with us?

Currently none of our games feature an actor in the game.

How much does a ticket cost?

During weekdays, our adult ticket prices for Containment Breach, Whispering Halls, and Skull Witch games are $40 per person, while Trouble in the Toyshop is priced at $35 per person. We offer a $5 discount for children (aged 7-17), students (with valid ID), and military personnel (with valid ID).

Do ticket prices change on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays?

Yes, on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), ticket prices increase by $5 for all games due to higher demand. This price increase helps us accommodate more guests by providing additional staff during our busiest times.

Is there an age limit?

In all of the attractions, participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be asked to sign the safety waiver for the underage participant. For groups of children under the age of 13, we suggest a parent stay on the premises during the duration of the game. Due to the challenging nature of the games we do not allow children in the games under the age of 7 regardless if they are participating or not. Sorry but we do not allow babies to be carried in the games.

How long before my scheduled time do I need to arrive?

We ask that you please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled booking time in order to fill out paperwork and listen to our tips and safety breifing.

If I’m late, can I still play?

If you arrive after we have started the game (the time on your booking confirmation), we most likely will not be able to allow you inside. In most cases, this would disrupt the game for the participating players and make scheduling very difficult. No refunds will be offered for late arrivals or no-shows.

How many people can play at once?

Each game has a different player limit. Check out our rooms page for game sizes. Click here to purchase tickets and reserve your time. Due to the fact that these games are designed to offer a challenge for their max player sizes the games can be very challenging for a single player and couples in larger games.

If I book a PRIVATE game and bring extra people, Are they free since it is a private game?

The games are priced per person, not by room. Even though the games are private and other groups cannot book the same room, any extra players you invite will need to have slots purchased for them at the same per person rate. Additional player's tickets can be purchaced at the door.

If I have a player not able to join us, can I substitute another person?

Yes, If the person qualifies for the discount if the ticket is a discounted ticket. If the ticket is a childs ticket then an adult cannot replace the child unless you pay the difference from an adult ticket at the door. Adult tickets or non-discounted tickets are free to be used by anyone, even people who qualify for a discounted rate. We do not offer refunds for the difference of substituted players.

What is an escape room/escape game?

The escape game genre started out as a series of point-and-click computer games where players must escape from a locked area by using the environment around them. Enchambered is a live version of this where you must physically search the environment for items and clues that will help you escape. You are given 60 minutes to try and escape before your fate is sealed.

Will I actually be locked in the room?

The exit door is locked metaphorically. That means that we do not truly lock the door. We strongly discourage players from opening the door while the game is in session.

How long do I have to complete the game?

You have exactly 60 minutes to find your way out before the game comes to an end. If you are in the room when it happens, then you will see what happens. It is glorious! Not a good kind of glorious mind you.

What do I get if my team completes the game and escapes?

Teams who are able to escape from the escape room within 60 minutes will get a discount on merchandise.

Can we pause the game if something malfunctions?

On the extremely rare occasion that an aspect of the room malfunctions, the staff is able to pause the game and fix the issue before letting you continue. The majority of the time, we will see the malfunction when it takes place and pause for you.


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