What Are Escape The Room Games?

Real Escape games let you live the game. We have real-life escape games where teams of 3-12 people are locked into a custom built, challenging and entertaining environments to solve the many mysteries, puzzles and challenges. You need to unlock the final clues to open the door and escape the room. Escape Rooms are fun for all ages, but persons under the age of 9 years old might find the game confusing and challenging. There is no upper age limit. No persons under the age of 16 can enter without an adult.

Some of our themes are set in light hearted and mysterious environments. The room may involve easy scavenger hunting and finding hidden items in the room to help you on your way through the puzzles and riddle that are hidden in plain view around the space.

A quick intro into escape the room games by Extra Credits

Some of our themes run a little darker and cater to the suspense and horror enthusiasts. We have many years of experience in the haunted attraction and "dark ride" industries that allow us to transform a simple room full of friends into a roller coaster of thrills and excitement as you race to discover the means to escape the room!

We always believe that to truly enjoy a themed experience is to have it driven by a story. We work tirelessly to add a narrative to each of our game spaces. We work into the night pulling together movie style special effects with AAA game design wrapped in an engaging story. It may be our plot, but you are the hero!

One of the things everyone notices first in our spaces, is the attention to detail we put into every square inch of our game rooms. With a small army of set designers, carpenters, painters, welders, and fabricators we can make any of our designer's crazy ideas into a reality.

A new trend in game video game design, is the addition of game modes incorporated into level design. We are bringing that level of player customization to the escape room experience. Soon, players will be able to choose between a lighter "casual" mode, a normal mode, or a competitive "Extreme" mode. The former offering a prestigious place in our leaderboards upon completion. Get That Best Time!

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