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The Legend Of The Skull Witch

The Skull Witch Escape Room Game

The Skull Witch: Chapter 1

The legend of the Skull Witch has been told throughout the area in whispers and rumor. The story tells of a witch that slumbers deep in the darkness of the swamp. She awakens every year around Mardi Gras to lure bewildered party goers into the murky darkness to never be heard from again. Your group has never been the type to believe in urban myths but after two of your friends come up missing at a party, the tale casts a dark shadow over your search efforts. The couple was last seen entering the cursed bayou that even the locals fear to enter. You have tracked them down to a mysterious run-down cabin that seems to be slowly sinking back into the swamp. The door opens as you approach. As you slowly enter, the room fills with the light of ancient looking candles strewn about every corner of the space. Suddenly a loud booming voice calls out to you. It is the witch of the legend! She curses you for entering this place as the door slams shut behind you.
You Are Trapped!

Can you reveal the secrets of the witches power and use it to save your friends and Escape the Skull Witch!


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