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Containment Breach Escape Room

The next level of escape room entertainment has hit the Sacramento area!

Over thirty years ago a research scientist by the name of Doctor Henry Rosenburg created a machine that could transport matter instantly from one place to another. After a terrible accident at a televised demonstration of the device, the doctor retreated to his lab. A few moments after he entered the facility, the section went into lockdown due to a high amount of radiation emanating from the lab. The containment doors have been sealed shut and no one has been able to enter the lab ever since. Just recently, the radiation levels have mysteriously returned to normal and the containment doors have come unlocked. You are the first people to step into this lab in years and your job is to find out what happened to Doctor Rosenberg and his matter transference device.

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Enchambered: Sacramento Escape Room
2230 Arden Way, Ste C Sacramento, CA 95825 $25pp - $35pp Phone: 916-674-2008