Enchambered: Sacramento Escape Room

the whispering halls escape room

The Whispering Halls Escape Room

Chapter 1

Victoria Portrait

Your group has been summoned by the caretaker of an old victorian manor. It seems that the property has a problem of the paranormal kind. The mansion was built by a prominent clockmaker and inventor for his wife and young daughter. The family was plagued by sickness and death after it's completion in 1890. The house has had a long history of owners going mad and vanishing without a trace ever since. Due to its reputation, the manor has been abandoned for many years.

As members of a paranormal investigations unit, you jump at the chance to try out your new ghost detection gear. On arrival, you are escorted to an old two story library adorned with books and curious artifacts from the previous owners. Your gear crackles to life as a storm rages outside. The mansion creaks and the winds howl around you. The caretaker leaves you to your work. His last words ring in your ears as a chill runs down your spine. “I hope you can help us, on this night, no one ever lasts past midnight”. The door slams behind him. The floors shake, and you can hear the loud rumblings of some ancient device inside the walls. With a loud crash, the door is sealed shut. Then the whispers start.

You look to the others in your group. What have you gotten yourselves into? The grandfather clock chimes Eleven PM. You have 60 minutes until midnight and you are not alone!

Your group must solve the mysteries of this old house and find a way to escape before the clock strikes midnight. You must work as a team, and communication is key. This theme ranks a little high on the scare factor but not super difficult. If you keep a level head and work as a team you may just survive the night and escape the Whispering Halls!


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