At home puzzle adventure: Lucky Heist

Lucky Heist: Play At Home Puzzle Adventure

You have found a pot of gold! Unfortunately, the Leprechaun that has hidden it has built an elaborate contraption to protect it! Can you solve all the tricky contraptions to open secret compartments and ultimately open the final vault door and get his gold?

Lucky for you, he has left behind some of his possessions that may help you to unravel the many puzzles and riddles he has used to lock away the gold.

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A Family Friendly Escape Room Style Adventure


Great For Groups!

Great for parties and get togethers to bring a fun immersive challenge to any group! Game pieces can be printed out and shared between several groups to be played head to head or coop.


Print At Home

Print out the game pieces ahead of time or view the included pdf on a separate device for an added challenge.


Online Play

The online component features amazing graphics and immersive audio to the gameplay. Complete the challenges to unlock more hints. Make the connections and get the gold!

Lucky Heist is a ready to play puzzling adventure for players of all ages. This game transforms your classroom or any room for that matter into a fun and easy-to-learn escape room.

Jam packed with puzzles that are entertaining for children 9 to 12 years, this game is challenging enough for adults to enjoy!

Teams can compete in a time based challenge to see who solves all the puzzles and escapes in time!

Do you have what it takes to outsmart the vault, get the gold, and win the game?


At home puzzle adventure: Lucky Heist