Oct 21

The Whispering Halls escape game is coming soon!

We are proud to announce our new escape room theme. The Whispering Halls. OK, its not just a clever name, they actually whisper. It's freaky. It is like the Haunted Mansion but you get to touch stuff. Come to think of it, touching stuff is kinda required.

We really hope you enjoy this space as much as we like building it. We have been working very hard to bring something new and exciting to the Sacramento area. We have had a few delays in construction of the sets. I call them sets, because that is what they feel like to me. To call these simply "Escape Rooms" really is selling them short. First of all, they are not just one room. Some of our sets have over 4 rooms. Not to mention all the secret crawlspaces and compartments. We are building each one of the adventure spaces from scratch with theatrical lighting and spacial audio. This place feels like a theater set. I even leave a "ghost light" burning in the library. Mostly out of habit but partially because it really is spooky when the lights are out! Have you ever turned off a light when you were a kid and ran like mad down the hallway to get to the room at the end with the light on. I feel that way sometimes when we are done for the night. I have had a few times where I was in the library on my laptop orchestrating some lighting effect and I accidentally trigger some other event queue without knowing it and something moves unexpectedly and freaks me out. I literally typo'd the crap out of myself. I am starting to think this place REALLY is haunted. We are making awesome headway but there is still a lot of work left to do. Getting everything dialed in has been a chore! I also threw together a cool little puzzle to get you guys in the mood for this one. Not all that crazy hard but I thought it was fun!

Play Escape The Haunted Study Puzzle now.


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