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What Exactly Is A Real Life Escape Room Game?

In essence a real-life escape room is an adventure game played by small to large groups, whose main goal is to find their way out of a room or other space. This usually requires cooperation and communication by the group's participants to solve a series of tasks and puzzles to finally escape before a set duration has expired.

There are many precursors to the concept of live escape rooms. Some concepts have been taken from point-and-click adventure games from the 80's and 90's. These games required you to search around for items and clues to solve the numerous puzzles and unusual situations and barriers. Others have been taken from interactive theater and the haunted house industry.

The definition of escape games have been blurred in the last few years as the industry has grown across the United States, Asia, and Europe. We strive to bring the best of what the escape room and mystery room genre has to offer. A real life ADVENTURE. The act of suddenly understanding a cryptic puzzle and experiencing the euphoria as you pull down on the hidden lever and see a secret compartment open behind the bookcase.

There currently are numerous real escape rooms in the world and many coming to the United States. Many of these escape games are nothing more than a few puzzles hidden around a mostly empty room and dollar store props hung on the walls. There is a new demand by consumers for a more quality experience and the competitive market of escape room games has driven innovation in the industry. Our team has over a decade of experience in the amusement fabrication and haunted house industry. We strive to bring the magic of adventure games to the real world. We are leveraging our experience in themed attraction development with the dynamic visions of our AAA game designers.

We offer an adventure unlike anything you have experienced with a group of your friends and family. With fully automated themed lighting and 3d sound effects, you will soon forget you are simply just in a room. You will be magically transported to a time and place where your actions will determine the outcome of the scenario put before you. We offer a selection of scenes and rooms to bring the fantasy to the whole family. From light-hearted puzzle quests for children to a dark and frightening horror based room that will give your wits a challenge and your heart racing.

A Sacramento Escape Room Game experience is recommended for people who would like to get away from their screens and engage in an adventure and totally immersive recreational activity. Try something completely new and experience an hour of the most fun you have had in a long time.

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