Oct 01

Can you solve the puzzle of the Mystery Box?

Your stuck again. In a room with no way out. This time you need to find the key. The key you need is locked in a box with a puzzle combination. This puzzle will need you to think in a systematic way. It is kind of like a Rubik's Cube. There is a method to solving it.

Have you ever played a Hidden Object Game? The gaming industry calls them HOGs for short. They are a type of casual game that used to be mostly based on the PC but have been huge on the mobile markets recently. The main object of these games are to move from scene to scene and find hidden objects on the screen. This may not sound very fun, but the hidden object part is mostly just a mini game type that is housed in a larger story based adventure game. These games have tons of puzzles and adventure game aspects. They basically have all the fun of an adventure game with small mini games and challenging puzzles strewn about. So have an Escape The room theme to them

This genre is one of the top growing genres in gaming today. Fueled mostly by the casual nature of them being so well adapted to the mobile gaming culture. Some of them have great novel worthy narratives. I love games that can pull you into a story and make you want to solve a puzzle just to see how the story progresses. The puzzles you find in these games can be very challenging. Like, shake and scream at you Ipad type of challenging. The game developers know this. They almost always give you a way out of the puzzle if you feel frustrated.

This puzzle was based on something you would find in a Hidden Object Game. This puzzle is really tricky. It may take some time to solve it. It may even frustrate you a bit when you get 7 numbers in the right spot and the last 2 are not. Just like the games this puzzle was inspired by. The game will give you a "Free Solve" ticket after a while. I will be posting the top 3 times soon after the game is released.

Can you solve the Mystery Box Puzzle? Try to solve it in with the least moves possible. My best is 37.

Play Solve The Puzzle Of The Mystery Box now.


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