Apr 04

Brainteaser: Stolen Dice

Our Players Lounge has a big board game collection that as of late has started missing dice out of the boxes. Crazy things like that just happen around here so we paid no mind to it for a while. We are starting to get used to things moving by themselves and things coming up missing.

Every time our players wanted to play a boardgame with their group, they ended up having to scrounge around for replacement dice. This got old quick and we started the search for the missing dice. The ghosts in the Whispering Halls Escape Room are a jolly lot of pranksters and this smelled vaguely of ectoplasm and their particular brand of humor. We searched through the entryway and the study and found nothing out of place. The search of the library and the bedroom also came up empty. The Grandfather clock looked suspiciously pulled away from the wall so we looked behind it. In a small hole in the plaster was a pile of dice and other boardgame pieces. After we grabbed all our stolen property and cursed those little trickster poltergeists, we noticed 4 of the dice were stuck to the wood. At first we tried to pry them off and then realized they were stuck there for a reason. Little numbers were marked next to them as well as a question mark next to the one in front. This looked like a brainteaser!

The Puzzle Solution

This puzzle is pretty straightforward but has a tendency to trip people up who are well accustomed to playing with dice. Most people are used to the fact that the top facing side of a die is the value to be taken into account. This puzzle plays with that presumption and does not use that number for the solution. Not in any kind of calculation anyways. The clues for these dice lie in the 3 visible faces, not just the top face. On cursory inspection, these faced still do not seem to relate to the numbers adjacent to each die. The solution lies in the faces that are NOT visible. Simply, the solution can be found by adding up the values of the faces that are not visible. The visible faces only act, in least as a distraction, and at most a component in the deduction process to get the invisible values.

We provide these brainteasers and puzzles for the enjoyment of our website and social site users. These games are not meant to represent any puzzle or challenge that exist in our escape rooms. Our escape room games and puzzles are designed to be played and solved in a group environment. Most Sacramento Escape Room puzzles require teamwork and cooperation to solve.


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