Mar 02

Brainteaser: Double Spaced

Brain-teaser:The ghosts in the Whispering Halls Escape Room are at it again. They love to leave us cryptic messages in the middle of the night. We found this one in the library. Can you read the message hidden in this note and find out what 10 letter word it is referring to?

This jumbled mess of words may seem to be unreadable at first but if you look a little closer the words will soon reveal themselves. Our brains have a really interesting ability to filter out the information we need from a flurry of background noise. Many puzzles make use of this skill we take advantage of everyday. Some puzzle hide a message in the meanings of the words and some hide the message in arrangement of the letters. This brainteaser does both. When you finally decipher what the words are, you then have to solve the riddle. This riddle is a spin off a classic. Riddles usually make use of words that have entirely different meanings but are used so much in one context that the alternate meaning fade from cognition. This riddle has 2 words that most people will assume to be used in a single context. Our mind instantly makes an assumption on what meanings of the words to default to while we read. The brain's ability to provide an assumption is a tool it uses to make sense of the world around it. Puzzle makers leverage this when we design puzzles. We like to challenge your assumptions in our games. The fun is finding the alternate meanings of the words used in the riddle and quickly the answer snaps into our minds.


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