May 25

Sacramento Escape Room: The Capital Building Puzzle - Escape Sacramento Landmarks Puzzle

Introducing the first of a new puzzle series featuring many of the landmarks in and around the Sacramento area. This puzzle is a little more involved than what has been posted before so here is a little walk-through to help anyone stuck at a certain part of the progression.

Step 1: Click or Tap the four California themed cards and they will slide out of the way revealing things underneath.

Step 2: Locate all the gold stars on the screen and slide them toward the star shaped slots in the Capital building picture in the center.

Step 3: The number 31 will appear next to the stars. There is a banner right above that is missing a number. Drag the 31 to the banner.

Step 4: The Number 1850 appears in the book

Step 5: Basic math time. Subtract the small 1400 from the new found 1850 will give you 450.

Step 6: Enter 450 into the safe on the left.

Step 7: The safe will open to reveal a key but you have not found a lock.

Step 8: On the bottom right there is a dial, drag it to the TV at the top

Step 9: once you add the dial, The TV will turn on and now flashes the word "CAPITAL".

Step 10: Simply click or tap the letters in the grid in the order of the clue on the TV. Click or tap the letters C-A-P-I-T-A-L in that order.

Step 11: This will trigger a secret door to open in the center of the Capital Building. There is the keyhole you have been looking for.

Step 12: Finally, all you need to do is drag the key to the lock. Congratulations, you just beet the Capital puzzle.

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